Some of you may know a little about me already. My name is Janine. In 2003, when I had trouble finding nice clips and accessories for my hair, I began to make my own Swarovski Crystal clips. Not long after, I started to make bows out of grosgrain ribbon. Finding suppliers of craft supplies in Australia was difficult at the time. There was nowhere in Australia to buy ribbon and supplies I needed. By November 2009 I was buying bulk from the US and selling the extra ribbon through my Pretty Beaded Things website. As the sale of ribbon and bow making supplies increased my bow making consumed less of my time. I continued expanding the colours and widths of ribbon available. Sarah Lauren started to emerge. Sarah Lauren was built from a small idea and expanded to cater for crafters, bow makers and gift wrappers. We continue to expand our ribbon selection and invite customers to influence our stock. Our stock of grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, printed ribbon, silky satin ribbon, velvet ribbon and stitch ribbon are some of the prettiest you will find in Australia. Sarah Lauren is my creative outlet. I love to see the variation of uses our customers find for the with the supplies they have purchased. I also love chatting to crafters. This business gives me the best of both worlds. I love sourcing new supplies and being able to bring them to my customers. Some of these customers I now call friends.