Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial

I love flowers made from ribbon. This Amelia Flower Ribbon tutorial can be made with satin or grosgrain ribbon – they simply look stunning. Once made they can be used as hair accessories, decorations on presents or embellishments for cards. Add a clip to the back and it will double as decoration and fashion accessory. Most flowers are quick to make and require only general sewing supplies. Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial

Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial

You will need: 5 x 11.5cm of 38mm grosgrain ribbon or satin ribbon Needle and thread Pins Scissors E6000 Glue and bling embellishments to decorate Alligator clips or brooch pins Woodburner or tea light candle Amelia Flower Tutorial Supplies Seal the ends of the ribbon with a woodburner or open flame. This will stop the ribbon from fraying as you work. Lay 2 pieces of ribbon on top of each other. Pin the right hand edges together. Amelia Flower Tutorial 1 Separate the ribbons as pictured and continue pinning the right hand edges together and separating. Amelia Flower Tutorial 2 Lay the ribbon horizontal on your desk. Take the top left corner and fold it over matching straight edges as shown. Pin in place. Amelia Flower Tutorial 3 Take the ribbon from the right hand side and match the straight edges. Amelia Flower Tutorial 4a Take the top left corner of the new fold and fold on an angle as you did before. Note – The pin on the middle is just to keep the ribbon in place when it was photographed. You do not need to pin it when you are folding. Adjust the ribbon as required to form a triangle equal to the previous one making sure the ribbon is flush against each other at the bottom edge. Pin in place. This is where you will be sewing later and you will want to make sure all the ribbon is caught when you stitch. Amelia Flower Tutorial 4-min Continue until you have 4 points pinned in place all folds in place. With the last piece of ribbon fold it on an angle as you did with the first step. Before pinning in place you will need to slot it into the first fold. Picture below is to show how it fits. Continue to put the ribbon into the crease. Amelia Flower Tutorial 5 Amelia Flower Tutorial 6 Pick up your needle and thread. Knot the thread a few centimetres from the end. Place a gathering stitch along the length of the folded ribbon until you return to where you started. Gather your stitches as tightly as you can and then knot your thread to hold it in place. Amelia Flower Tutorial 7 Now you can add a plain button or add a bit of bling to make a statement. You have completed the Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial. Amelia Flower Tutorial Finished Depending on how you wish to use your Amelia Flower you can attach it to a project, add a hair clip or a lined alligator clip or sew to a brooch back to add to a jacket. If you enjoyed the Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial have a look at our other ribbon craft tutorials on the blog. If you are wondering where can i buy ribbon immerse yourself in our amazing collection of ribbons all available online.
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16 thoughts on “Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial

  1. Julie says:

    These look so sweet they would be fun to embellish all sorts of things. They will be a feature over at Handmade Monday this coming week :-)

  2. flowerchild9 says:

    I had a go at this & struggled at first to understand the instructions, however if you persevere & figure it out, it does work. View it similar to a ‘ yo yo’ (not the spinning one!?) construction, you’re folding & pinning along length of ribbon into a circle which is joined, then stitching thru the folds & gathering along the one edge of the ribbon to gather it into the middle to look like a flower. I hope I’ve interpreted this right Janine? My flower was made with printed ribbon & I had it folded & pinned with the right side out when it needs to be folded with the wrong side out. ?

  3. Heather Dunn says:

    If I used a skinnier ribbon should I shorten then length for each cut of ribbon or keep it the same? If I shorten it, about how long should i cut them, for example, how long should the cuts be for a 7/8 inch wide ribbon?

  4. Leigh says:

    I couldn’t follow this either… I tried twice and both just look like I crumpled up ribbon. More details would be appreciated, please.

  5. Bella Jude says:

    Could not follow this at all. Can you give more detail at the point of “Continue until you have 4 points pinned in place”.

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