How To Attach Rhinestone Buttons helpful hints from Sarah Lauren

How To Attach Flat Back Rhinestone Buttons

Every girl loves a bit of ‘bling’ and rhinestone buttons are the easiest, and cheapest, way to add some sparkle to your life. Flat back buttons are the perfect choice for projects where traditional buttons – with the handy sewing nook/shank at the back – may tip down or get caught. Flat back buttons look fabulous because they sit flush, but how do you attach them when you can’t use a needle and thread? Read on for all the tricks and before you know it you will be adding glitz and glamour to everything you do!   Mini-Crown-Rhinestone-flatback-embellishment-17mm-x-13mm  

Flat back button attachment the easy way

Rhinestones are not just a sparkly way to bring life to clothing; they can add a little glamour to a lampshade, an evening clutch or hair accessories. Finding the right way to attach them is the key to getting the perfect look for your garment or craft project. Traditional craft glues can be used to attach flat back buttons, but if you want to attach them to items that need washing you may need a specialist product. Helmer Quick Dry adhesive has all possibilities covered. This helpful product bonds to most fabric, ribbon, plastic, soft woods and more. When set, this glue is completely clear and will survive washing. From delicate bridal wear to making that perfect pair of evening shoes, this glue handles it all. Another convenient way to dress up plain items is to use Hot Fix rhinestones. These gems come with glue pre-applied and when the correct heat is used the glue melts and adheres to your project. Available in a range of sizes and colours, you are sure to find the perfect ones that will add that finishing touch to your creations.

Don’t throw away your sewing kit yet!

Some flat back buttons are created with delicate filigree patterns that can be attached to garments with the help of needle and thread, for extra security against losing them. This method can be handy when using larger sized buttons. By using clear thread (rather than coloured cotton) or very fine fishing line, you can sew them on by guiding the needle through the holes in the pattern on the button and tie off behind for a clean finish. Detailled rhinestone flatback embellishment  

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