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Stuck for ideas of what to make? Looking for just the right project for your favourite ribbon.

We add new and unique free tutorials to help you come up with a project that will be enjoyed by someone whether your sell your item or give it as a gift.

If you are on the lookout for craft supplies check online out our Grosgrain Ribbon and embellishments. A few bows and clips never go astray.

Check out these awesome ribbon projects we have put together for you.

How to make a Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip

In 2017 I was asked to devise a ribbon craft tutorial to feature on the [...]

Ribbon Scandinavian Star Ornament

I have seen these pretty stars made with fabric and thought why can’t we make [...]

FREE Bow Making Instructions

Ribbon bow making can look difficult. The vast selection of bow making tutorials available now [...]

Military Braid Bookmark – Easy Ribbon Bookmark

This Military Braid Bookmark is very easy to make. I have a soft spot for [...]


How to Roll Ribbon Quickly with a Drill

As you can imagine we roll a lot of ribbon everyday. We needed to know [...]

Basic Boutique Bow with Grosgrain Ribbon – How to make

How to make a Basic Boutique Bow with Ribbon This is one of the bows [...]

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Tails Down Bow Tutorial

This is one of my favourite bows to make. Looks great added to a ponytail [...]

Side Tail Bow Tutorial – How to Guide

There are so many craft options when using ribbon. I love dainty bows and flowers. [...]

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Mini Circle Lei Bag Charm Tutorial

Since completing the Ribbon Box Braid Tutorial I have been meaning to add this cute [...]

How to make a Tailless Bow Instructions

As someone who has been making bows for years I love to watch trends come [...]

How to make a Ribbon Scrap Bookmark

As crafters we always end up with a pile of unused craft supplies that are [...]

Learn how to make a Military Braid Barrette

These cute little grosgrain ribbon barrettes are an easy DIY craft project. All you need [...]

Ribbon Twisted Box Braid Tutorial Bag Charm

After completing the Ribbon Box Braid Tutorial I could not help changing it up a [...]


Ribbon Box Braid Bag Charm Tutorial

This is such a cute braid. The ribbon box braid bag charm tutorial is great [...]

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Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial – Free Bow Making Instructions

This funky looking pointed loop bow tutorial looks impressive. Finding a tutorial on how to [...]


FOE Headband with Shabby Flowers Tutorial

Make an adorable FOE headband with Shabby Flowers or any fabric flowers you have one [...]

Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties & Headbands

Do you have a stash of fold over elastic (FOE) and not sure what else [...]

Amelia Flower Ribbon Tutorial

I love flowers made from ribbon. This Amelia Flower Ribbon tutorial can be made with [...]


Plaited FOE Hair Tie Tutorial

Fold over elastic is a wonderfully versatile elastic. Making a plaited FOE Hair Tie is [...]

How to make a Fabric Covered Headband

Fabric Covered Plastic Headbands Fabric covered headbands are a quick and easy project to whip [...]

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