Cheerleading Bow Instructions

Cheerleading Bow Instructions

Have you wanted to try to make your own Cheerleading bow but through it might be difficult. I am here to tell you that it is a relatively simple bow to make. We stock plenty of ribbon and hardware supplies for your bow making journey. Follow the instructions below and let us know how you did.

What you will need to make a Crossover Cheerleading Bow

72cm of 75mm grosgrain ribbon
72cm of 38mm grosgrain ribbon
72cm of 9mm silver grosgrain ribbon
8cm of 9mm ribbon to co-ordinate
Pony tail holder (pony o)
Double sided tape in size 6mm and 24mm Kikusui tape or DS670 fillet tape
3 pins

Cheerleading Bow Instructions

Tie off string (I use organza but you can also use stranded cotton or needle and thread)
Large alligator clip with teeth (any clip with teeth will do)
Glue gun
Wood Burning Tool (a lighter or tea light candle will work too)

Materials needed for Cheerbow

How to layer the grosgrain ribbons

Run a strip of 6mm double side tape along the length of the 9mm ribbon. In my case the silver ribbon.
Adding Double sided Tape
Remove the cover to expose the sticky side of the tape.
Removing adhesive cover
Position the tape through the centre of the 38mm ribbon. Run your finger along the ribbon to make sure the two ribbons are stuck together.
Layering Silver ribbon
Now turn the 38mm ribbon over and place 24mm double sided tape through the centre. If you only have smaller width double sided tape run a piece along the top of the ribbon and one along the bottom.
Adding 24mm double sided tape
Remove the backing tape to expose the sticky side of the tape.
Removing backing tape
Position the tape through the centre of the 75mm ribbon. Run your finger along the ribbon to make sure the two ribbons are stuck together.
Adhering 38mm ribbon

How to fold the cheerleading bow

Mark or place pins at 15cm, 36cm and 57cm.
Pinning ready for folding
Bring the first and last pin together bringing the left over the right. Use the pin on the left to push through the right side to make a pivot point. Remove the pin behind the ribbon. To make each bow consistent I like to make the ribbons sit at 90 degrees. I like to use an alligator clip (with teeth) to stop position moving.
Cross over fold
Bring the pin from the back towards the front and push the front pin through the point where the back pin is and remove the back pin.
Secure ribbon for folding
It does look a big wonky at this stage but don’t be concerned. Measure off approximately 30cm of organza (or other tie off material). Put it through the middle of the gatorbite. If sewing get your needle and thread ready.
Tie off material ready
Position the gatorbite through the centre of the bow. My bow is a bit big but as long as you are careful it should not cause any problems.
Ready to tie off
Flip the gatorbite over and tie tightly. If you look closely you will see that I tie the organza with an extra loop round. So you would do left over right pull one side through and then take that piece and make it go around and under again. This makes for a really tight knot. Then do another single knot to secure it.
Tying the knot
Remove the gatorbite and cut off the organza. Not too close.
Back view of cheerbow
Flip it over. Now you have folded your Cheerbow.
Cheerbow fold completed

How to attach an elastic band (pony o) and centre ribbon

Have the bow facing down
Materials required
Place a dob of hot glue on the back and gently press the pony tail holder into the glue and wait a little for the glue to cool and set.
Gluing pony o
Heat seal one end of the 9mm ribbon.
Heat sealing ribbon
Place some hot glue on the end of the ribbon that you just sealed.
Gluing ribbon around cheerbow
Place the ribbon over the pony tail holder as pictured.
Centre ribbon
Flip the bow over and pull the 9mm ribbon through the tails of the bow towards the front. Place a little bead of hot glue over the organza.
Centre ribbon front
Bring the 9mm ribbon over the top and flip the bow over. Cut off any excess ribbon and heat seal. Add a bit more glue on the 9mm ribbon and press gently onto the bow.
Centre finished

How to do a V-cut in the tails of the Cheerleading Bow

Hold one tail in your hands and fold in half.
V cut in tails
Cut the ribbon on an angle of about 45 degrees. If you don’t think it is deep enough you can take off a little more. Heat seal the cuts to stop the ribbon from fraying.
V cut after
Now you have your first Cheerleading Bow using our Cheerleading Bow Instructions.  Well done!

Cheerleading Bow Instructions

If you were wondering where can I buy ribbon in Australia you can’t go past our range of solid colour grosgrain ribbon and printed grosgrain ribbon options.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Will that be stiff enough as a cheer bow? Can you put the two rolls of navy and white 9mm stars aside as you only have two left. Dos that come in white and orange?

    Thanks Deb

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