Easter Egg Hair Clip Tutorial – No Chocolate Easter Gift

Each Easter I like to give gifts that do not involve chocolate. Chocolate is a great gift but an Easter Egg Hair Clip will make a lovely addition to the chocolate haul. They would also look great on an Easter Card.

Easter Egg Hair Clip

What you will need to make the Easter Egg Hair Clip

Easter Egg Hair Clip Supplies

6 different colours of 9mm grosgrain ribbon (18cm, 17cm, 15cm, 13cm, 11cm and 9cm)
Small piece of 6mm grosgrain ribbon for the bow (approximately 30cm)
12cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbonto line the clip
Alligator clip
Hot glue
Double sided tape, E6000 or hot glue for the clip
Tealight candle or woodburner to seal the ends.

Begin by sorting your 9mm ribbons into the order you want them to show.

Take the top ribbon and cut it to 18cm and heat seal.
Pick up the next and measure 17cm continue cutting and heat sealing each piece 2cm smaller than the last (17cm, 15cm, 13cm 11cm and 9cm).

Put a small drop of hot glue on end of each piece of ribbon and overlap the ends as pictured.

Easter Egg Hair Clip Make Loops

Repeat the process with all pieces of ribbon.

Line up the pieces ready for gluing. Take the smallest loop and put a drop of hot glue at the tip of the loop. Place the next loop on top and position it evenly and so you can see approximately half of the ribbon width. Continue with the remaining loops.

Easter Egg Hair Clip assemble loops

Making the Bow

Tie a small bow

Take approximately 30cm of 6mm grosgrain ribbon and make 2 loops as shown. If you twist the ribbons as shown your bow will have the raised loops. You can also leave them flat to create a flat mini bow if you prefer. Cross right over left and continue by folding it over the back. Bring the same loop though the bottom opening. Take one loop in each hand and gently ease the bow into shape. This may require a bit of loosening and tightening to get the desired shape.

Place a very small drop of glue under the front loop of the bow being careful not to undo the bow. Alternatively you could put a small stitch in the back so it is not noticeable. Trim off the excess ribbon on an angle leaving approximately 2cm and seal the ribbon.

Use a drop of hot glue to attach the bow to the Easter Egg sculpture.

Covering the Alligator Clip

Lining clip with DST

To cover the alligator clip you need 12cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon. You can use Kikusui Double sided Tape, E6000 or hot glue. Everyone has their favourite! Start with the clip slightly open and sandwich a few centimetres inside and then wrap over the clip.

Place some hot glue on the centre of the covered alligator clip and attach the sculpture. If you wish you can add a strip of Triple Flip Grip to the clip or your favourite non slip alternative.

Now you have made an Easter Egg Hair Clip.  How many will you make?

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