Five Point Star Flower Tutorial

It was suggested to me to make something crafty for “Light it Up Blue” for Autism Awareness. I thought this Five Point Star Flower Tutorial would be ideal to whip up a few for friends to wear during April. Kids could call them starfish or you can bling them up with a few buttons. Attach a hair clip or brooch clip depending on where you want to wear it.

You will need:
40cm of 38mm double faced satin ribbon
Needle and thread
Glue, buttons or rhinestone buttons to decorate
Clips or brooch pins

Materials needed Pointed Star Flower

Seal the ends of the ribbon with an open flame or woodburner. This will stop the ribbon from fraying as you work.

First Fold

Lay the ribbon horizontal on your desk. Take the top left corner and fold it over matching straight edges as shown. Pin in place.

3 Second Fold w

Take the ribbon from the right hand side and fold on an angle. Making sure the edges of the ribbon touch. The more precise you are making these folds the more definite the points will be.

Third Fold

Pick up the ribbon with your right hand on the left of the ribbon fold it at a right angle then pick up the right angled ribbon and fold it upwards as shown in the picture. Adjust the ribbon as required to form a triangle equal to the previous ones making sure the ribbon is flush against each other at the bottom flat edge. Pin in place. This is where you will be sewing later and you will want to make sure all the ribbon is caught when you stitch.

Forth Fold

All folds completed

Continue until you have 5 points all pinned in place. If you have a little ribbon left over trim it off and reseal the edge of the ribbon.

Sewing gathering pointed star flower

Take your needle and thread and slowly place a gathering stitch along the length of the folded ribbon until you come to the last point. Overlap the ends slightly and stitch before gathering your stitches.

Overlap to finish point star flower

9 Gathered Back w

Flip over your ribbon flower. Now you can add a plain button or add a bit of bling to make a statement.

Front Five Point Star Flower

Depending on how you wish to use your Five Point Ribbon Flower you can attach to a project, add a hair clip or a lined alligator clip or sew to a brooch back to add to a jacket.

Pin for later –

Five Point Star Flower Tutorial collage

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