FOE Headband with Shabby Flowers Tutorial

FOE Headband with Shabby Flower Tutorial

Make an adorable FOE headband with Shabby Flowers or any fabric flowers you have one hand. They are a delightful addition to any accessory stash.

They are quick and easy to whip up and can be colour matched with many outfits.

FOE Headband with Shabby Flowers

You will need:

2 x Fabric Flowers
Bling button
Fold Over Elastic
2 x 3cm felt circles
Glue – hot glue/fabric glue

Fold over elastic size chart
Newborn – use 33cm
1 – 6 years – use 38cm
Child/tween – use 42cm
Adult – use 44cm

Shabby Flower Headband 1

First you will need to cut away the excess netting around the flowers. You can separate the flowers if you wish.

Cut the FOE to the correct length for the size you are making. Take the felt circle and add glue to the centre. Attach the FOE as shown in the picture below. Be careful not to have a twist in the headband.

Shabby Flower Headband 3

Take the shabby flowers and the other felt circle. Arrange the flowers as you would like them to sit and then glue them in place. You can also attach the bling button at this point.

Shabby Flower Headband 4

Shabby Flower Headband 6

Add glue to the back of the felt circle that is attached to the shabby flowers and then place the felt circle to top of the other felt circle sandwiching the FOE join between them.

Now you have a completed Shabby Flower FOE Headband.

Keep experimenting with different colour flowers, more flowers or different centres.

Thanks to Faye from Little Lizzie for the picutres in this tutorial.

Shabby Flower Headband 8 Finished

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