Grosgrain ribbon versus satin ribbon helpful hints from Sarah Lauren

Grosgrain Ribbon Versus Satin Ribbon

Ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons! Grosgrain ribbon versus satin ribbon – they’re both beautiful, so which should you choose? Make sure you select the right ribbon for your next sewing or craft project with our helpful ribbon guide. Pick the right one first time!

029 White Grosgrain Ribbon Australia

What’s the project? A garment or a trim?

With so many colours, sizes and patterns to pick from, it is easy to end up with a huge selection of gorgeous ribbons on your sewing table, but none that quite fit the project you want to complete! Whether you are creating garments or using ribbon as embellishment, work out how much you will need and which width will give you the perfect finish before you go shopping. Once you have the basics noted down, you can concentrate on choosing the right colours, textures and finishes for your project.

250 Red Double Faced Satin 9mm

Ribbon features at a glance

Grosgrain ribbon – Easily identifiable by sight, grosgrain ribbon looks like it’s made up of lots of little lines. It has a matt lustre and is incredibly sturdy and strong, making it a good choice for children’s wear. Use grosgrain to create pretty hair bows and accessories. Or jazz up a plain pair of runners by replacing shoes laces with grosgrain ribbon. Scrap bookers can use the wide variety of colours and patterns to enhance pages by using ribbon to create ‘frames’ for photos.

Satin ribbon – This ribbon has a luxurious, smooth and glossy finish. It is the perfect choice for embellishing items for weddings and formal wear. From dressing floral bouquets, to pews or party favours, satin ribbon adds a touch of glam to your special day. Christening gowns and gifts for babies will benefit from touches of this soft ribbon. Satin ribbon flowers are easy to make and can be added to embroidery or clothing. Cover a headband in satin for a feminine finish. Be sure to work with clean hands and keep satin ribbon away from food and drink as it can stain easily.

Choosing the right ribbon for your project can make all the difference to the final result. We have a huge range of ribbons available in our online store, ready for immediate delivery. If you need help to make the right choice about grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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One thought on “Grosgrain ribbon versus satin ribbon helpful hints from Sarah Lauren

  1. Janyce A Johnson says:

    I have been trying to use grosgrain as the hanging ribbon to sew into my stuffed hearts, between the layers. Every time the loop is off-center and not flat when I turn the heart rightside out. Is that ribbon too think, would you suggest satin instead?

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