Hair Ties and Hair Elastics – for Sport and School

No matter your hair type or hair style Sarah Lauren has the best hair bands around.

Hair Ties & Hair Elastics

Throw your hair up in a quick pony tail or using a hair elastic for a craft project our hair ties are just what you need. There are so many names for the humble hair tie – elastic, hair elastic, pony o, nylon ponytail holder, hair bands, elastic bands and so on. They all do the same job. Keep our hair out of our faces.

At Sarah Lauren we stock a small hair tie measuring 4.5cm across or a regular hair tie measuring 5.5cm. These hair bands are also a great addition to your crafted hair accessories. As they are made with a tube of nylon fabric there are no joins to break or metal parts to catch the hair.

Our new stock of white hair bands, black hair bands, beige hair bands, royal blue hair bands, navy hair bands, red hair bands, maroon hair bands, yellow gold hair bands and bottle green hair bands will match most sporting and school colours.

Nylon hair ties bands

Stock up on regular size hair bands or small hair bands today.

If you need a way of carrying a bunch of hair ties why not grab a carabiner clip too!

Carabiner Clip - Hair Tie Holder - white nylon hair ties

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