Holographic Ribbon – New Release 75mm

Oh I am in Ribbon Heaven! We are now stocking 75mm Holographic Ribbon in a handful of colours and patterns. These prints have been so popular we are arranging more stock.

Holographic Ribbon

Holographic Printed Ribbon is made by bonding Holographic Foil Sheets to Grosgrain Ribbon. On some prints like the Rainbow Holographic Print Ribbon they use the full sheets. Whereas in the Rainbow Holographic Stars Ribbon only the pattern is left behind.

Rainbow Holographic Foil Stars Grosgrain Ribbon Black 75mm

75mm printed grosgrain ribbon has generally been used by Cheer Bow Makers for their over the top designed bows more and more crafters are using 3 inch printed ribbon to make Jojo inspired bows, Over The Top Boutique Bows, and Ribbon Kanzashi flowers.

Why not add some solid colour grosgrain ribbon and other rhinestone embellishments to our creation. If you are making a bow don’t forget to add some hair accessory hardware to your order.

If you would like to be one of the first to know about new stock or want to have in input into what we purchase join our Facebook Group and add to the discussion.

Twisted Boutique Bow using 75mm holographic ribbon JoJo style bow

This twisted boutique bow made with 75mm Rainbow Stripe Holographic ribbon is made with approximately 117cm of ribbon.

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