How to make a Fabric Covered Headband

Fabric Covered Plastic Headbands

Fabric Covered Headband - Finished

Fabric covered headbands are a quick and easy project to whip up. There are many hair accessories that can be made from your fabric offcuts. Whether they are unique pieces, to match an outfit or attach to a project there is something for everyone.

Fabric covered headbands and a quick and easy project to whip up.

How to make a fabric covered headband

You will need:

20mm wide plastic headband
Fabric 40cm x 4cm (5cm if using a 25mm plastic headband) cut on the cross
Craft Double sided tape (Kikusui tape)
40cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon
Hot glue

Fabric Covered Headband - Supplies

Cut a strip of fabric 40cm x 4cm on the bias. It is not necessary to cut on the bias but I find it contours to the headband better.

Line the headband with double sided tape on both sides.

Remove the backing from the tape over the top of the headband.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 1

Lie the fabric horizontally across your work surface.

Position the end of the headband approximately 2cm and centred from the end of the fabric strip.

Gently roll the headband along the length of the fabric strip.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 2

Before removing the backing tape from the inside of the headband fold over the side flaps to make sure that each side will meet or slightly overlap at the middle. If there is too much overlap trim away excess.

Depending on the shape of your headband you may also need to trim the fabric near the ends to allow the fabric to taper.

Remove the backing tape from the inside of the headband.

Gradually fold over the sides keeping the fabric smooth. The tape is only meant to hold the fabric enough to allow you to glue it all together.

Fold the end of the fabric so they overlap to form a narrow point use hot glue to secure. Now fold the end back and hot glue to the headband.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 3

Now take the ribbon and trim one end to form a semi circle. Heat seal the end with an open flame or wood burning tool. Tea lights or matches will work.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 4

Using hot glue attach the rest of ribbon until it is a few millimetres from the end of the headband.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 5

Continue using hot glue to attach the ribbon to the headband making sure it is centred.

When you get to the last few centimetres trim the ribbon to fit and continue to trim the end into a semi circle.

Fabric Covered Headband - Step 6

Glue the last few centimetres down. You have now completed your Fabric Covered Headband.

Fabric Covered Headband - Final

Fabric Covered Headband - Sarah Lauren

Have a look at our Pinterest page for more inspiration.

One thought on “How to make a Fabric Covered Headband

  1. Loretta says:

    Great use of the backing tape. I hate plastic headbands and the fabric/ribbon ones at the store are always so boring or they’re all floral and look like old curtains LOL ~ This will be a great way to use up some fun novelty fabrics bits that I have in my stash 😉

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