How to make a Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip

How to make a LIttle Ragged Blossom Hair clip
In 2017 I was asked to devise a ribbon craft tutorial to feature on the May Gibbs website for the the 100th anniversary of the Gumnut Babies.  I came up with this Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip Tutorial. It recently came to my attention that it was no longer being hosted by them.  I could not let it dissapear so I am recreating it here with the original photographs.  Somewhere along the lines I lost/misplaced the written instructions so I will do my best to recreate them.

You will need 9cm 75mm emerald grosgrain ribbon
20cm 38mm yellow gold satin ribbon
12cm 9mm brown grosgrain ribbon
Alligator clip
Hobby Fill
Double sided tape (Kikusui tape) or strong glue
Needle and Thread
Tealight Candle or wood burner
Hot glue

Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip Supplies

Making the Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip

Start with the 75mm ribbon and cut into a circle. I like to fold it twice into a square and cut a half circle. It does not need to be a perfect circle.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 2
Heat seal the edges of the ribbon so it does not fray when you are stitching.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 3
Use a gathering stitch to go all the way around the circle.  I like to use quilting cotton as it is smooth and strong.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 4
Pull the threads to gather slightly leaving a gap to add the hobby fill (also called polyester filling). Then pull tight and tie it off.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 5
Now grab the 38mm satin ribbon and fold in half lenthways.  Pin in place and slowly make cuts through the ribbon as shown for the entire length of the ribbon.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 6
Using you needle and thread again gather the satin ribbon, pull tight and tie off.  If the ribbon has not frayed much you can run your fingers over it to create a fluffier look.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 7
To line the alligator clip heat seal the ends and add the kikusui double sided tape or glue.  Start with sandwiching the ribbon between the prongs then fold up and over the back of the clip.  A more detailed description of lining the clip can be found included in our Easter Egg Hair Clip Tutorial.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 8
Using the offcuts from the emerald ribbon cut a little stem and heat seal it.

Using hot glue attach the satin gathered flower blossom to the clip then hot glue the emerald hat to the blossom.

Finally make a little cut in the hat to add the stem with a tiny bit of glue.  In hindsight making the hole for the stem using a wood burning tool would be best.  I generally use a wood burning tool to heat seal all my ribbon creations. You can see how to usee one in our Heat Sealing Ribbon Instructions.

Little Ragged Blossom Instructions 9
Now you have a cute Little Ragged Blossom Hair Clip.

How to make a Little Ragged Blossom Hair clip

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