Lace Gathered Flower Tutorial

Our Lace Gathered Flower Tutorial makes the cutest little flowers. There is just something about lace that makes any project radiate prettiness. Metallic lace is an attractive addition to any project and lends itself wonderfully to these Gathered Lace Flowers.

Gathered Lace Flower - Sarah Lauren

Instructions to make a Lace Gathered Flower

This project is simple enough for someone with very basic sewing skills including older children because you can create this flower with blunt (tapestry) needles.

You will need:
14cm of 1.5cm Metallic Lace
Heat source (we used matches)
Rhinestone Button

Gathered Lace Flower Supplies

After you have cut the lace to the length you need it is best to heat seal the ends to eliminate any fraying. Some laces fray more than others. All that is required is to run the ends back and forward close to the flame. You will see the lace melt slowly.

With your needled threaded stitch a running stitch along the edge of the lace remembering to leave a tail of thread at your starting point to allow some thread to enable gathering and tying off. We used a contrasting thread for photographic purposes.

Gathered Lace Flower - stitching

Once your running stitch is the length of the lace take both ends of the thread and start to gather it. Place the lace so that you can see a circle forming. The flower is starting to take shape.

Gathered Lace Flower - Gathering

Take both ends of the thread and tie a good tight knot. Then adjust the gathering so that it looks even.

Gathered Lace Flower - Tied off

Finally add your embellishment. We have used a little rhinestone button with a shank. Before snipping the tread sew on your embellishment. Trim off excess thread.

Now you have a pretty little gathered flower to add to a clip, headband or brooch back.

Gathered Lace Flower - Finished

We have also added a collection of pictures to enable Pinterest uploading.

Gathered Lace Flower Tutorial Sarah Lauren

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