Make your own Loom Band Charms

Loom Band Charms on Bracelets

Make your own Loom Band Charms

Loom bands have invaded our house! Kids are having so much fun. Inviting friends over then sitting around the table making loom bracelets, loom decorations and so on.

Now they need Loom Band Charms. Yes you can buy them ready made but the beader in me said I have supplies to make pretty ones. Here is how to make your own Loom Band Charms.

You will need:

Loom band charms 1a
Charms (with or without jump rings)
Split rings or jump rings
Clasps (I am using parrot clasps)

Loom band charms 2a

Slowly open your jump or split ring. Remember to open jump rings slightly move each side of the join away from the other in a twisting motion. If using a split ring slightly pull apart the opening and thread the charm on.

Loom band charms 3a
With the jump ring open thread the charm and clasp on then close the jump ring by bringing the two ends back to meet. If using a split ring thread the clasp on the same way you did with the charm.

Loom band charms
You are done. Wasn’t that easy! The kids be so excited when you hand these over.

They would make a great addition to your Fete Craft Stall. Check here for other tutorials.

Just a few of the other Loom Band Charms I came up with after raiding my beading stash.

Loom Band Charms set

Perfect to post to Pinterest
Loom Band Charm How to

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