How to make a Ribbon Scrap Bookmark

How to make a Ribbon Scrap Bookmark
As crafters we always end up with a pile of unused craft supplies that are just too good to throw away. Wonder what we could do with them.

I recently had some short pieces of pretty printed 38mm grosgrain ribbon on my desk. I kept them in view hoping that inspiration would come. It did. Bookmarks!

These Ribbon Scrap Bookmarks are simple and very cheap to make. Use them as giveaways at the Library, School Fete Craft Stall donations, Party Favours or add them to the Mother’s Day Stall. Not just for use in books you can use them in recipe books and magazines.

Make a Ribbon Scrap Bookmark

You will need:

Short lengths of printed grosgrain ribbon approximately 25cm long
Wood burning tool (you can also use a tealight candle)

Ribbon Scraps to make Bookmarks

Take a piece of ribbon, twist it once so that the printing on both sides is facing up closely matching the ends. Cut the ribbon on an angle.

You can also cut the ribbon in a V shape.

Ribbon Scrap Bookmark optional cut step 1 Ribbon Scrap Bookmark optional cut

Use a wood burning tool to heat seal the ends of the ribbon to stop fraying. If you are using a tealight candle move the ribbon close to the flame without the flame touching the ribbon. As you see the ribbon begin to melt slightly move the ribbon along the flame to seal the cut part of the ribbon.

Congratulations you have made a Ribbon Scrap Bookmark. It is as simple as that! Use other widths of ribbon or even try layering the ribbon. Kids love the themed bookmarks.

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