Military Braid Bookmark – Easy Ribbon Bookmark

This Military Braid Bookmark is very easy to make. I have a soft spot for this type of braid. I taught my girls how to do it when they were young. They could whip up a few of these in no time. My youngest made one from scraps at school. The teacher thought she had found it already made. That is how easy these are once you get started. These ribbon craft bookmarks are a great addition to a market stall or school fete stall. I am sure the school library or Prep classroom would be over the moon with a donation of these to encourage little ones in the reading endeavours.

How to make a Military Braid Bookmark

You will need 150cm of ribbon (or 2 x 75cm pieces of ribbon) – you can use grosgrain ribbon or satin ribbon or both. Glue (only if you are using 2 or more colours) Scissors Lighter/tea light candle to seal the ribbon. Take the 2 pieces of ribbon and overlap about 10mm gluing together. If using one colour find the middle and mark it with pin. Military Braid Bookmark Step 1 Loop the right side of ribbon over and pin in place.  Take the left side of the ribbon and make a loop towards the back and form a loop.  (There is no need to pin the second loop – I did not have enough hands to take the picture and hold the ribbon). Military Braid Bookmark Step 2 Thread the left side loop through the right hand side loop.  Remove the pin (if you used one) and gently tighten the right hand side loop until the other loop is relatively tight and secure. Military Braid Bookmark Step 3 Make a loop with the right hand side ribbon and pass it through the left hand side loop.  Gently tighten the left hand side ribbon until it is flush with the edge of the looped ribbon.  Repeat on the left hand side.  Continue until the braid is approximately 10cm long. Military Braid Bookmark Step 5 Military Braid Bookmark Step 6 Military Braid Bookmark Step 7 Continue until the braid is approximately **cm long. Military Braid Bookmark Step 8 Pull the ribbon of the last loop all the way through. Military Braid Bookmark Step 9 Tie an overhand knot close to the last loop stitch. Military Braid Bookmark Step 10 Trim the ribbon ends and heat seal to stop ribbon fraying. Military Braid Bookmark Step 11 If you love to learn new ribbon crafts join us on our Facebook page.

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