New Exclusive Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

Pretty Paisley grosgrain ribbonOh I think I am in love! This new print has to be my absolute favourite.

With swirls and dots and paisley shapes in different shades of pink ranging from light to dark it can be used to coordinate with some many colours. It has been printed on white grosgrain ribobn.

Introducing “Pretty Paisley” Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

Everyone has a favourite size of ribbon to work with so we have printed this on 9mm, 16mm, 22mm and 38mm. For anyone using imperial measurements they are 3/8”, 5/8”, 7/8” and 1 ½”.

You will not find our exclusive print ribbon anywhere else. These ribbons are printed exclusively for us. You won’t find them in your local haberdashery or scrapbooking store.

Grosgrain ribbon is one of the most versatile ribbons you can use in a craft project. It is a little stiffer than satin ribbon and can easily be baked (yes put in the oven for a short time) to help hold its shape.

There are so many things you can make and add ribbon to including bows, cards, handmade flowers, embellishments, lanyards, present decorations bobby pins, and the list goes on.
Pretty Paisley sample bows

Purchase your Pretty Paisely ribbon here.

What would you make? Tell us below.

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