Petersham Ribbon – The Elegant Ribbon

Petersham ribbon is a flexible corded ribbon made out of either cotton, rayon or polyester fibers.

This ribbon is identified by it’s distinctive scalloped edge. This flexible scalloped edge allows it to be shaped with an iron. This is where Petersham ribbon differs from regular grosgrain ribbon. It is primarily used by milliners and tailors. But like any wonderful ribbon crafters and giftwappers have discovered the most beautifully elegant ribbon that does not fray.

Fringe Clips Petersham Ribbon

Petersham ribbon is a very durable and strong ribbon that can hold it’s shape well. It’s uses including binding for blazers and coats, hat bands, cockades and ribbon roses. It is also a wonderful ribbon for using as trims when sewing. You may also see it used for hanging award medals.

275 Wine Petersham Ribbon 9mm Maroon grosgrain ribbon

Our Petersham ribbon is
100% Polyester
Available in 13 colours in 9mm width & 10 colours in 25mm width
Rolls of 5m & 45m

The colour chart has 49 colours available. If you would like us to arrange a special order of a particular colour or width please contact us.

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