Plaited FOE Hair Tie Tutorial

Fold over elastic is a wonderfully versatile elastic. Making a plaited FOE Hair Tie is only one of it’s many uses. Crafters use it on clothing, making hair accessories or simply putting up their hair with a knotted piece of FOE. These lovely plaited FOE hair ties take simple knotted FOE Hair ties to another level. Not only do they make a pretty statement in a ponytail but look great worn on the wrist until required. DIY FOE Plaited Hair Tie Tutorial

Plaited FOE Hair Tie Tutorial

To make the Plaited FOE Hair Tie you will need 3 pieces of 50cm Fold Over Elastic 2 alligator clips to hold the FOE Tealight Candle or lighter Scissors 1 Materials needed Plait FOE Hair tie-min Measure approximately 8cm along the first piece of FOE and fold it in half. Make sure all pieces are folded in the same direction. Use an alligator clip to hold it in place. Repeat for all three pieces of FOE. 2 Gather ends for Plait FOE hair tie-min Begin plaiting the FOE. Be careful not to twist the FOE as you plait. Treat it like you are folding it over to the middle of the plait. 3 Begin plaiting FOE hair tie-min Keep plaiting until the plait measures approximately 20 – 25 cm depending on thickness of hair it will be used on. 4 Plaited FOE Hair Tie-min Now take both ends together and tie in a knot. The knot will be less bulky if you keep the plait out of the knot. Trim the ends to make them even and quickly run each end over the flame to seal them. This will prevent the FOE from unravelling. DIY FOE Plaited Hair Tie Tutorial

Congratulations on making your first Plaited FOE Hair Tie

Don’t they look amazing. They are a great craft for the kids to make while on school holidays. I find these hold heavy ponytails much better than the single FOE hair ties. Make them to compliment different outfits, for party favours or even make them for the school fete! DIY FOE Plaited Hair Tie Tutorial collage-min    

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