Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial – Free Bow Making Instructions

This funky looking pointed loop bow tutorial looks impressive. Finding a tutorial on how to make it was another matter. A picture of this bow has been floating around Pinterest for some time but there does not seem to be any instructions around for it. I called it the Pointed Loop Bow as it seems to be a good description.

Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial Model Title

I started this tutorial and took the photo of my daughter wearing the bow over 3 years ago. Think it is about time to get this pointed loop bow tutorial finished.

After many failed attempts I have finally mastered this gorgeous bow. There are two sizes included in this tutorial. This bow comes together rather quickly once all the folding is out of the way. Then the fun begins …… embellishing your bow. Add a few rhinestones, a resin centre or a little rolled rose.

These bows are not just for kids. Teenagers and adults alike are discovering bows all over again!

Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial

Materials Needed
Grosgrain ribbon for bow (Small – 22mm wide – 44cm or Large- 38mm wide – 64cm)
20cm of co-ordinating 9mm grosgrain ribbon to use as centre knot and to line any clips that may be used
Water erasable pen (or pins)
Needle & Thread
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
E6000 or Kikusui Double sided tape
Appropriately sizes clip or barrette for the size of bow. Small – alligator clip, Medium and Large – barrette. Elastic or metal headbands are also a good choice. Hardware

Optional Embellishments
Hot fix rhinestones – you can mix and match the colour and size depending on the size of your bow
Rhinestone button or slider
Resin or polymer clay centre

Preparing the Ribbon

Using a water erasable marker or pins mark the ribbon as follows:-
For 22mm ribbon take 44cm and mark it at intervals of 6cm, 14cm, 22cm, 30cm and 38cm
For 38mm ribbon measure 64cm and mark it at intervals of 8cm, 20cm, 32cm, 44cm and 56cm

Assembling the Bow

Take the marked/pinned ribbon and begin at the first mark from the left hand side. Fold the ribbon in half where the mark is and then fold the sides back again making a figure M or W.

Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial pic 1

Repeat the folds at each mark on the ribbon and pin in place.

Thread the needle with approximately 40cm of thread and knot the end.

Pick up the first fold you made and push the needle through the centre of the fold.
Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial pic 2

Loop the second fold around to the top of the first fold and push the needle through that mark. Continue to loop the ribbon so the folds make an “S” shape and stitch through all folds.
Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial pic 4

Secure the bow and tie off the remaining thread. Fluff the bow and arrange the loops so that they look even. If you wish to stiffen the bow or bake it do this now.
Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial pic 6

If you have a loop that looks like the loop in the top left of the picture below just flip the ribbon through (turning it inside out).
Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial pic 5

Cut off enough 9mm ribbon to line your clip. Use the remaining piece to wrap around the centre of the bow to the back of the bow. Trim and seal the ends of the ribbon before hot gluing the ends down.

Trim the tails of the bow in a V-cut or angle cut and heat seal.

If you wish to make the bow a little fuller make a second bow and attach it back to front with the first bow before adding the centre ribbon.

Double layer pointed loop bow tutorial

Layering two different colour ribbons is another option.
Two Tone Pointed loop bow tutorial

Lining the alligator clip or barrette

Cut and heat seal 9mm ribbon to cover the clip (approx 7cm for a 6cm barrette or 12cm for an alligator clip)

Use Double sided tape, E6000 or your favourite adhesive and attach the ribbon to the clip.

Using hot glue attach the bow to the clip.
Pointed Loop Bow instructions

You have now completed the Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial. Post your completed bow on our Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Pointed Loop Bow Tutorial – Free Bow Making Instructions

  1. Jodie Parsons says:

    Hi Janine, Thought I would pop in and check out your website (looks great!) and I saw this tutorial. Thankyou! I am going to have a go at making some of these. I will work out how much i need and order some supplies from here. Might as well make a few while I’m at it. I thought they would make nice little gifts for my daughters friends! 🙂 cheers

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