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We stock a wonderous selection of craft supplies in Australia to keep your project unique.

Craft Supplies Australia

Our stocks of craft supplies includes cardboard ribbon spools with plastic centres to help you keep your stocks of ribbon tidy and easy to find. These empty ribbon spools come in a variety of sizes to store 9mm ribbon and 22mm ribbon. Our cardboard ribbon spools will hold 6mm ribbon, 9mm ribbon, 16mm ribbon, 25mm ribbon and 38mm ribbon. A great way to store spool ribbon.

We also stock Triple Flip Grip strips. There simply is no comparison. Silicone is the perfect non-slip product, it does not flatten crack or peel like the foam or shelf liner options do. The grip-ability factor is superior to foam. Once a clip lined with Triple Flip Grip is clipped into the hair, it will stay put period. Foam grip will wear out, flatten, lose its shape & become ineffective very quickly. Silicone will work effectively for the life of the clip.

Our range of hair bow supplies, brooch making supplies Australia and craft supplies online continues to grow with new stock. Whether you are a bow maker, hair accessory maker or sewer we have something for you.