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What is Velvet Ribbon

Velvet Ribbon is a type of woven feathery fabric in which the cut threads are used to create a short dense pile. This is what gives velvet it’s distinctive soft feel. It is woven with an edge so that the velvet does not fray.

It is likely the art of velvet weaving began in the Far East. Dating back to 17th Century Europe velvet ribbon was used as dress trims, velvet ribbon trimmed pillows and furniture. Due to the complicated weaving process velvet was expensive to make therefore only the wealthy could afford it.

With the advent of industrial looms velvet is now more economical to make.

Uses for Velvet Ribbon

It can be used to make hair accessories including bows, added to headbands for babies, to adorn clothing or make a cute little handbag accessory. We stock velvet ribbon in 9mm, 25mm and 38mm widths.