Dog & Cat / Other Polymer Clay Embellishments




Our adorable Dog & Cat polymer clay embellishments were hand made in the US and is approximately 2cm high.

Cat Polymer Clay Embellishments

These pretty polymer clay embellishments would be a delightful addition to your bow or decorative piece. We have a wide variety of characters, shapes and sizes available. Some of our embellishments have a hole from side to side to enable it’s use for beading. If you want to confirm whether a piece can be used for beading please contact us. Team these cute embellishments with some girl polymer clay beads.

Bow curtesy of Little Lizzie

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Cat Head Aqua Bow, Cat Head Blue Bow, Cat Head Orange Bow, Cat Head Pink Bow, Cat Head Purple Bow, Cat Head Yellow Bow, Cat Head Black Blue Bow, Cat Head Black Green Bow, Cat Head Black Orange Bow, Cat Head Black Pink Bow, Cat Head Black Yellow Bow, Dog Head Orange Bow, Poodle Head, Cow Head, Blue Flowers, Pink Flowers, Pink Sweets, Cherry, Butterfly, Seahorse, Ladybug


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