Ribbon Poppy Flower Tutorial

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli we have created a Ribbon Poppy Flower that can be worn year after year on 25 April (or any day really!)

Ribbon Poppy Flower Tutorial

Ribbon Poppy Flower Tutorial

To make the Ribbon Poppy Flower you will need:

37.5cm of 75mm Red Double faced satin ribbon (38mm ribbon can also be used)
Black Button
Needle and thread
Tea light candle or lighter
Clips or brooch backs as required

Supplies for Ribbon Poppy Flower

Start by sealing the ends of the ribbon with a tea light candle or lighter. Fold the 75mm ribbon lenghthways. This is not required if you are using 38mm ribbon. Use the ruler and mark 7.5cm intervals with pins.

Ribbon Poppy Flower measurements

Take you needle and thread starting at the back and follow the stitching guide in the picture below. Continue until you have 5 U shapes.

Ribbon Poppy Flower stitching guide

Now take the two ends of thread and gather the stitches to form the flower shape. Stitch the ends together before knotting the thread.

You will need to take a little time to shape the petals to make them look uniform.

Ribbon Poppy Flower gathered

Change thread colour if required and sew the button onto the centre of the flower.

Finished Ribbon Poppy Flower

Now attach a clip or broach back to your flower. Your ribbon craft is ready to wear or use as a decoration.

 Ribbon Poppy Flower Tutorial collage


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