How to Roll Ribbon Quickly with a Drill

As you can imagine we roll a lot of ribbon everyday. We needed to know how to roll ribbon quickly with a drill.

I had seen the large ribbon rolling machinery in Chinese factories and thought there must be a way to make something similar on a small scale that I could use.

My first video was posted to my crafting group in June 2013. Oh what a messy desk.

I have shown the video a few times over the years. I thought about reshooting it but then who does not have a messy craft desk? It means you are creative right?

Roll Ribbon Quickly with a Drill

You will need:

Small drill
long drill bit 8 – 10cm

Take your ribbon and roll it around the drill bit once. Hold onto the ribbon so it does not slide off. Start the drill.

Keep going until the ribbon is completed wound in a spool. I use elastic bands or quilters tape to secure my rolls. Quilters tape is like masking tape but does not leave residue behind.

Now you can roll ribbon quickly with a drill. Best not steal your partner’s large drill as it will be too heavy. Buy your own little version. Really handy for more than just rolling ribbon onto spools.

I do have another drill bit that has electrical tape wound around it so that I can fit my cardboard ribbon spools. I am still trying to figure out a way of securing the spool in place. I need a drill bit that looks more like a screw that I can secure a nut on one side and another nut to take on and off. Once I figure that one out I will let you know.

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