Rosaries by Janine – Breathtaking Rosary Beads

A set of our Catholic Rosary Beads are beautifully crafted for a lifetime. Our Rosary Beads are crafted to bring strength, in times of sorrow, to bring faith in times of doubt and to bring great comfort in times of fear. Our Rosary Beads are beautiful, strong, special, personal and lasting… like the Holy Rosary itself.

Rosary Beads are a befitting tribute to your Catholic faith

Heirloom quality Catholic rosary beads

Delicately constructed using sterling silver and eye-catching beads, all our Rosaries feature an intricate and durable assembly method designed to stay strong throughout your lifetime. We hope that you’ll pass your Rosary Beads down to your children, as a reminder of your family’s Catholic heritage.
We pray that your special, deeply religious gift brings them great comfort and reminds them of the mysteries and the virtues of the life, death, passion and glory of Jesus and Mary, for lifetimes to come.

Special Christening gift ideas – Christening gifts from Godparents and Grandparents

Perhaps the Holiest of the sacraments, a Christening is both a celebration of faith and a promise of a life shared with Jesus Christ, as a Catholic. Religious Christening gift ideas (and First Holy Communion and Confirmation gifts) can be difficult for Godparents and Grandparents, as so few Christening gift ideas are befitting of such a big occasion!

What better Christening gift to give to your new baby than an heirloom Rosary?

The ideal Christening gift from Godparents or Grandparents, Rosary beads make elegant and very special keepsakes. Browse our timeless rosaries and beautiful baptism jewellery and be spoilt for choice with countless heirloom Christening gift ideas.

Amethyst Rosary BeadsAmethyst Rosary Beads

The ideal religious gift idea for those with faith

Of course, Rosary Beads are not just a wonderful Christening gift idea! They make very special and personal First Holy Communities gifts, Confirmation gifts and even religious birthday gifts for Catholics.

Swarovski Crystal Rosary Beads Sterling SilverSwarovski Crystal Rosary Beads

Buy rosary beads online for ease and fast delivery

Through careful selection of artisan lampwork beads and unique gemstones together with our intricate assembly process, we are extremely proud of our stunning handmade rosary beads for sale online. Simply select your rosary beads and we’ll package them beautifully and deliver them to your door.
Start shopping now. We know you will see Rosary Beads that catch your eye, your breath and your heart!

Browse our Catholic rosary beads for sale and buy your special rosary beads online now.

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