Side Tail Bow Tutorial – How to Guide

There are so many craft options when using ribbon. I love dainty bows and flowers. This one is a cute little bow that you can use up all those small pieces of ribbon. Grab you stash of scrap ribbon and let’s have some fun.

Side Tail Bow Tutorial

What you will need: 20cm piece of 38mm grosgrain ribbon 24cm piece of 38mm grosgrain ribbon 5cm piece of 22mm grosgrain ribbon Needle and Thread Alligator clip (lined or unlined) or hair tie Hot glue Large metal tweezers Pins Woodburner/lighter/tea light candle Heat seal the ends of the 20cm length of ribbon. Mark the ribbon at 6cm and 15cm. Pic 1 Side Tail Bow Tutorial Fold each side at the marked point to the middle. There will be a small overlap. Place a pin in the centre of the ribbon as pictured. Fold the ribbon in half lengthways and then fold each side back on itself. This gives you the centre folds of the ribbon. Stitch through the centre and tie the cotton off. Take the 24cm piece of ribbon. Fold it in half and measure in 4.5cm from the folded end. Fold the ribbon as explained above to form the centre folds. Stitch the folds but do not tie off the cotton. Thread the needle through the centre of the bows as pictured. Run the cotton around and through a few times to secure and tie off the cotton. Trim the ends of the bow on an angle. Heat seal the raw edge of the bow. Take the 5cm piece of 22mm ribbon. Fold the end in thirds as pictured. Using the tweezers hold the ribbon as close to the end as you can only leaving a tiny bit of ribbon exposed. Use your open flame to melt the ribbon. Move the tweezers over the melted ribbon and give them a squeeze. You want the end to melt together keeping their shape. Turn the ribbon around and repeat on the other end of the ribbon. Make sure the tri-fold is opposite to the first one. Glue one end of the middle ribbon to the underside of the bow. Now twist the ribbon as you cover the middle section of the bow. Before gluing in place check the front of the bow. You may have to twist the other way. Sometimes I find it works great the first time and the next requires a little fiddling to get it right. Once you are happy glue the centre in place. Attach the alligator clip or hair tie and you are finished! If you don’t have a stash of ribbon to use you can buy grosgrain ribbon, printed ribbon or or the gorgeous sparkly purl ribbon available at Sarah Lauren. 22mm Bow Variation Side tail Bow using 22mm ribbon 14cm piece of 22mm ribbon 16cm piece of 22mm ribbon 4cm piece of 6mm ribbon Loop the 14cm piece of ribbon to form a circle. Press flat to measure 6cm and mark at 3cm. Take the 16cm piece of ribbon and fold in half. Mark 3cm in from folded edge. Follow the previous instructions for folding and stitching. These gorgeous bows look amazing in printed ribbon . We have many colours and variations available.

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