How to make a TaillessBow Instructions

As someone who has been making bows for years I love to watch trends come and go. The Tuxedo bow seems to be making a huge comeback. Both as a fabric bow and ribbon bow. In the larger size it is being called a “Tailless Cheer Bow”. These days the bows are getting larger and larger.

How to make Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions-min

We thought it would be a great time to introduce our new range of printed ribbons and provide you with Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions

The supplies you are going to need are listed below:

Tailless Cheer Bow Supplies

40cm of 75mm printed grosgrain ribbon
7cm co-ordinating ribbon (for the centre)
Hair tie or an alligator hair clip
3 pins
Wood burning tool (or anything with an open flame)
Sallys jumbo salon clip
Needle & thread
Hot glue gun

Take the ribbon and place pins at 11cm, 20cm and 29cm.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 3

Turn the ribbon over and fold in the sides where the pins are. The centre will overlap.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 4-

Fold the ribbon in half lengthways.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 5

Holding onto the middle you take one side and fold down, up and down again. Like a concertina fold.

Repeat for the other side.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 6

Using a Sally’s Jumbo Salon Clip hold the middle of the bow in place. You can use any type of clip. This style lets you tie off a bow very easily.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 7

Using 6mm organza ribbon thread it through the clip and tie a knot.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 8

I like to use a surgeon’s knot as it stays in place. Once you have tied the ribbon you can trim off the excess organza.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 9

If you like to make sure your bows are secure you can sew through the bow a couple of times.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 11

Using hot glue attach the hair band or alligator clip. Then using the 9mm ribbon glue the ribbon around the centre of the bow and hair band.

Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 11

Congratulations! You have made a Tailless Cheer Bow.

Make a Tailless Cheer Bow Instructions 2-min

Let your imagination run wild. There are so many printed ribbons and embellishments to choose from.

Our larger Easter Tailless Cheer Bow featured above uses 56cm of 75mm ribbon pinned at 12cm, 23cm and 34cm. We used metallic velvet ribbon as the centre.

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