Tails Down Bow Tutorial

This is one of my favourite bows to make. Looks great added to a ponytail or as a bow for gift wrapping.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial

What you will need:
60cm piece of 22mm or 25mm grosgrain ribbon
5cm piece of 6mm or 9mm ribbon
Gatorbite & 6mm organza ribbon / Needle and Thread
Alligator clip (lined or unlined) or hair tie
Hot glue
Spare alligator clips
Woodburner / lighter / tea light candle

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Supplies

How to make a Tails Down Bow

Find the centre of your piece of 22mm ribbon. Place it over the template lining up the middle of the ribbon with the gap in the template.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Pic 1

Fold the ribbon around the back of the template crossing the ribbon over at the back forming a X.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Pic 2

Bring the ribbon around to the front of the template and cross over the in the front of the template.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Pic 3

Now you need to cinch the bow. I have used a Gatorbite and organza in this tutorial. Place the organza through the centre of the Gatorbite then open and line up the bow in the centre. Quickly remove the template without destroying the placement of the ribbon. Tie off the bow with the organza ribbon. Trim off excess organza ribbon.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Pic 4

You can also use needle and thread. A stitching guide is below. Pull the thread tight to cinch the bow. Wrap the thread around the bow a few times and sew to secure.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Sewing Guide

Trim tails to make sure they are the same length. Cut the tails in whichever style you like. I have used the triangle style.

Tails Down Bow Tutorial Pic 5

Add the centre ribbon. You can use it flat or tie it in a knot. 9mm is best if tying a knot.

Tails down bow Tutorial completed

Congratulations! You have now completed the Tails Down Bow Tutorial.

More size measurements will be added shortly.

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