What is the best ribbon for hair bows?

With so many ribbon options available it can be hard to decide on the perfect ribbon for your bow. Ribbons have different features that can help make your hair bows look their best.

Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain ribbon would have to be our favourite ribbon for making hair bows. It has enough structure to hold a shape but can be easily manipulated. You can roll it around a piece dowel, clip it with wooden pegs and bake it to create korker ribbon or curled ribbon.

Grosgrain ribbon is less likely to fray but you can easily heat seal the ribbon to prevent the loose ends sticking out. Once sealed the ribbon ends look slightly melted giving a more professional appearance.

Two Tone Pointed loop bow tutorial

We stock grosgrain ribbon in solid colours but we have a wonderful range of printed ribbons. Whether you are looking for an Australian flag ribbon, floral ribbons, cute little animal ribbons or something more seasonal including Halloween ribbon, Easter Ribbon or Christmas ribbon.

Our stock of grosgrain ribbons are varied. Pretty stitched ribbon often called saddle stitch grosgrain ribbon along with striped ribbons and metallic ribbons.

Halloween Candy Bow

Easter Bow

Petersham Ribbon

Petersham ribbon is such an elegant ribbon to make bows with. It has all the same versitility as grosgrain ribbon with the added scalloping to the edge of the ribbon.

Fringe Clips Petersham Ribbon

Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbon is a lovely ribbon that makes a wonderfully silkly looking bow. While it does not have the structural hold that you find in other ribbons sometimes you just want a luxurious silky bow that flows nicely.

151 Peony Double Faced Satin ribbon

Our popular satin ribbon is doulbe faced. This means that it is shiny on both sides so no matter which way you tie or make your bow it will always look shiny and smooth. It is often used for dance competition bows. When you see satin ribbon tied either in a bow or directly into a pony tail it exudes elegance whether it is for every day or special occasion wear.

Recently we added Silky satin ribbons to our range. This style of ribbon has a little more body to the ribbon and a matte look.

567 Spring Moss Silky Ribbon 25mm

Visit us to buy ribbon online and let your imagination run wild with all the ribbon choices available.

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